Your Most Daring Side With an Escort in Lebanon

Today I saw Secretary, on the recommendation of a friend. And I've come straight to the blog because I have something to tell you. In case you have not seen it, Secretary is a story about BDSM. Twelve years ago it was released, so the tone is soft, light, but it does not stop being the movie in which 50 Shades of Gray seems to be inspired (I have not seen it, I have not read the trilogy, I do not pretend do what).

I do not know if you have ever stopped in the SERVICES section of my friends Escorts Lebanon and Escorts Seville, but one of them is "bdsm initiation". I want to explain to you a little about what it is, in case you've ever been curious but it gives you a shortcut to ask me directly by phone.

In Ads, some of the Beirut Escorts offer this service, at no extra cost, although with extra sensations. The best thing is that you consult me ​​directly which Escorts in Lebanon and Escorts in Beirut do this service. Once you have it clear, notify by phone that you want this type of service, because it involves a previous preparation. You have to keep in mind that the role of the escort will always be that of a boss or a mistress, not a submissive one.

In the first ten minutes of your appointment with one of the escorts who does this special service, apart from taking something to break the ice, you will talk about the rest of the event and how it should take place. In it the limits are marked with a series of color codes (green when everything is fine, red when you have to put a little brake).

If this is your first time in the BDSM world, the Escort in Lebanon will set some limits lights, because that first session should serve to discover yourself better and check if your curiosity about BDSM allows you to go further (one thing is to "want" it and another "live it"). You can always go back to a conventional appointment at any time, do not worry about it. If everything went well, you can increase the intensity of the experience in successive appointments.

We have special toys for this service, from special clothing, handcuffs and whips to harnesses. We will always recommend that your first appointment in Ads be "conventional", so you know better the operation of the agency and how are the Fellow. If you already have the idea of ​​requesting this service with a specific Beirut Escort, it is best if your first appointment at the agency is with that escort and, in passing, you tell her that you are interested in this service at another time. You'll see how it makes it super easy, much more than you imagine.

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