How to Keep a Healthy Open Relationship

Open relationships are quite common nowadays ... and why not? As with other concepts that had previously been taboo - like sexually experimenting or hiring a Lebanon Escort, etc. ... - they have been more widely accepted, so many people have the idea of ​​being left without commitment. With all the physical benefits of a girlfriend or boyfriend without the emotional pressure of a traditional relationship, it is not hard to see why many people are giving this relaxed approach a chance to stay.

Agree Clear Limits
Your ideas about what is acceptable in an open relationship may be very different from your partner's. Therefore, it is essential that you both agree on the rules and limits of your agreement. Are you allowed to sleep with other people? Can you invite each other to family gatherings? Do you want to have intimate conversations beyond the bedroom? Although the answers to these questions may seem obvious to you, your partner may not feel the same. An honest dialogue about limits as a couple will be the best way to make things clear from the beginning to have a good start.

Be Honest and Open
Honesty and transparency are the best policies in an open relationship - as in any other relationship. From the minute you start to hide things and go behind the other's back, that is the minute when your relationship will become unstable. Not all conversations are easy to have, but the hardest are usually the most important.

Keep It Open It
Sounds really obvious, right? The fact is that it can be quite complicated to keep things light in an open relationship. The line between what is "simply fun" and "matter of serious relationship" is often quite blurry, and that is why the limits of our first advice are so important. Take the precaution to avoid occasions or scenarios that you might consider essential elements or milestones of a serious commitment, such as spending a day with your family, celebrating anniversaries, or making wedding plans.

Do not obsess with Keeping It Up
After all, one of the best things about open relationships is that you do not have to worry much about them. They are fun, easy, and when the time comes for you or your partner to leave them, there is no drama. If you find yourself constantly worrying about whether your commitment is working or not, you may even need to reconsider if you are already fulfilling your purpose.
If you like the "open" part of "open relationship" more than the "relationship" part.

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