Considering our stressful schedules and all the stresses of modern life, it is quite common for sex to become routine and a bit boring as well. Good sex is not only the result of great chemistry, it also requires a bit of creativity.

1. Use toys
Who said that adults do not need toys? If you have something less than good sex, you need them! The range of items you can choose has skyrocketed in recent years. In other words, there is something exciting for almost everyone, from condoms with vibrating rings to sexual swings or accessories of the most ingenious and pleasant.
2. "Dirty Talk"

Never underestimate the power of some dirty and frankly subtle thoughts verbalized during sex. People have been excited by words for hundreds of years, which is not surprising considering that the brain is our largest sexual organ. I'm sorry guys! Women are especially susceptible to dirty talk and if done well, they will come back for more. If you've never tried it before, it can be a bit daunting to begin with. However, you may discover that you like it as you get deeper into these turbid waters. Enjoy the process: this is one of the few times you could be rewarded for having a dirty mouth!

3. Blindfold
It's sexy, romantic and simply effective! Everyone knows that if we hinder a sense, others become more acute. So put a silk cloth around your eyes and do it as you know. By the time you're finished, it's safer for her to look for ways to offer you the same experience.

4. Role play
Perhaps the reason you are stuck in a rut is because you are holding on to many small routines or stressful behaviors. So, would not it be great to be someone else for a few hours? Role playing is a cheerful and sexy way to add a little flavor. Not to mention that it also allows you to behave differently. The element of surprise and experimentation is always welcome in the bedroom! So, who are you now? A naughty teacher? Sexy nurse? Strict police woman? The possibilities are endless!

5. become eccentric
If you consider yourself something peculiar or not, a small light slavery never hurts anyone. Well, as long as you're careful not to miss it! Certainly, we are not suggesting that you whip each other and that she walk on you in high heels. However, a little light slavery can do wonders for your relationship and your sex life. The idea is to be comfortable enough to take things to the next level and see how your libidos are triggered. Trust is also key here. So, for everything to work, tie it gently and shake or restrict your comfort a little bit. And then release the restrictions and let him get away with it.

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