The same Bardardi, which I used to see him doing with my wife, was going to be on me now

The same Bardardi, which I used to see him doing with my wife, was going to be on me now. He struck one hand on my bum, loudly and then caressed my thigh and pulled my hand out and pulled my hand. The nada opened and the salwar got down, he caught my pussy lips in his hand and even gave him a muscle, a sunt came out of my mouth which he ate, because my lips had not yet been freed from his lips. Two times three times and he also got the problem of my pussy, and then the water of my pussy got his hand. He left my lips and put his hand on my hand, licked my tongue with my tongue, and I was happy to lick and said - You are very lucky, sister-in-law! I opened my eyes and looked at Osman and saw. Dark black face, but how cute. I went ahead and kissed her lips. Osman was blossomed; he lifted me in his lap and dropped it straight on the bed. I do not know when my salwar was dropped. When I lay down on the bed, he came over me, now I had no reason to show tantrums. When I opened my legs as soon as I got up, he put his waist in the middle of both of my legs, my two mamma caught in my hands and captured my two pink lips again with my black lips and began to sweat loudly.

 I even put my tongue in his mouth that he took it too. While brushing both the Mm-mm, while rubbing my cocks on my pussy, I was being pressed with the weight of my own, as if I was going to remove my cacophony. Then he got up and he lifted his armor. Black jism, dark black hair on the chest ... my husband's chest is absolutely clear, no hair, no for the first time it seemed like I got a man. He also grabbed my shirt and pulled it up; I also helped him and took off his shirt. His eyes glowed in the black bra after seeing my two white mummies. It was pure lust; there was no love in it, just the desire to fuck a beautiful woman. He stood up - now you will show him, who had been distressing from you for so many days! He said. I said - How do you know that I was curious to see it? He said - If you do not torture, do not see me hide by hiding me! Then he opened his lunge. Today, for the first time in front of my eyes a seven inch tall, thick and absolutely straight stems came, which I used to see from a distance. I got up, I caught his hard cocks in my hand, hot and hard, and today my thirst for radish and eggplant was over. That was what I wanted to get from. I picked up the top of the cock upstairs and took her deep chocolate hat in my mouth. Thick, round and slightly hard hat. I got my tongue full of salty taste at the tip of the top. Osman pushed the back of his waist, and then his cocks went a little further in my mouth.

Only "U mm ...." came out of my mouth. "Sucking it sweetheart, eat it, pack your jar, and fill it with your thirsty thirsty thighs from this black cock, today I will fuck you with these black dicks that you will not want to taste any other than life. , Started sucking "Osman speaking. I sucked, he was shaking his waist and trying to push me and my cock into my mouth, but it was my mouth, I did not have my pussy that I did not have to go. Many times I even came to boil; I thought it would throw my cocks in my throat. As much as I could take, I was taking it in my mouth, but she was pushing. "Sister, do not take it. Mother fuck, suck, and take it in." She said. Wow, what did you enjoy, eating males from the men? "Haphazard, bitch, it is difficult to suck your dude, chapli khinal, eat it, bhinchod, sod kundi mundane!" He needs again I pulled her cocks out of my mouth and asked- do you give her wife such abuses? He said - Yes, if his mother does not do one, then he does not have the pleasure of fucking. I said - so give me a lot of abuse, too many, as you come, I also like to scream and abuse. She was happy and she opened my bra's hook and threw my bra too. She said with a little nakedness - now see View. And he landed down from the bed, grabbed me by the waist and rotated like this that I was vomited and hanged in the air.

He put both of my thighs on his shoulders. His stuck cock was in front of my face, which I started sucking on my own wish. He even started to kiss me between my two thighs and started licking my pussy in my mouth. I was already very upset, I started feeling tongue more tongue. I was sucking his cocks too and loudly shaking his waist, because I was not able to tolerate all this. And the same happened to the one who feared; I was caught in the mat of two minutes, and as soon as the hanging hanging just calmly calm down. Osman also came to know that I had left my water so he dropped me down and lay down on the bed. I started seeing him lying on the bed. She came up to me and opened my legs and kept my cocks on my pussy. I closed my eyes and took this beautiful moment and felt her strong cock penetrating into her pussy. With all its shock I was opening up the depth of my life has not been reached till now, Osman has removed my cocks from that depth to my depth. This was the first realization of my life, when I felt like her cocks reached inside my stomach. It was so fun, for the first time I realized the feeling of a perfect sex.

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