A story of an independent Escort in Lebanon and an boy who was interested in her

Hello, my readers! My name is Alisa; I am from Beirut city of Lebanon. If this is my first adult story then I would apologize if there is any mistakes.
First of all, let me tell about myself. My age is 24 years. My color is blonde and my figure is 34-32-36. For the last 7 years, I am operating an Escorts Service Lebanon in the city.
Likewise, 7 years have passed, but some time ago something happened that kept changing my life. Do not spend too much time doing it.
I did not like to talk to anyone about my personal life but when he asked about the family, I told him things that I was divorced.
He asked me if you have any boyfriend.
When I refused, he started saying that I cannot believe that you are beautiful like me and there is no boyfriend of a capable woman of 30-32 years.
I was feeling great listening to me so much praise.
When I told him my age, his eyes were closed. She was flirting with me a little open now and I was not giving much support, but she was just answering smiling questions.

Due to the rains it got cold and then he asked - do you drink?
I said - yes sometimes I get champagne.
So he picked up a small bottle of whiskey from his bag and asked if he has no objection, can he take a peg?
I did not refuse it.
I was busy watching the message on the phone when he removed 2 paper cups and sentenced him to a whiskey.
As soon as I noticed, I asked - What is this other for? I do not drink and do not do so while driving.

But Yash asked me very much with love.
I do not know what happened that I thought I would take a drink; I picked up the glass and drank.
Throwing the glass out of the back, talking about sitting down.

Yash now started flirtatious things a little bit more. Now I was getting slight addiction; I started to talk to him a bit open.
After some time, both of us were talking about the faces coming closer. When my addicts got broken by a sudden when suddenly I did it. Before I could understand something, before that my lips had met her lips.
My addiction broke and when I realized that I separated him by pushing him out and went out of the limelight.
Yash also came out of the car and came to me and started trying to talk to me. I started having something I was looking into her eyes that she came near and grabbed me in arms and started kissing wildly.
In my body, there was a running run and I started trying to separate from him but he was the owner of a body that was 5 feet 9 inches going to the gym and I used to flower; the emphasis was only worthless. I also started to accompany him.
His hands reached my back and my bits and began to suppress my chubby buttocks; I began to enjoy; Before I could understand something, before that, her hand was in my Salwar and she put my finger in my pussy and put a finger in my pussy.
The sound of ahhhhhhh from my mouth; my attempt to rescue him from myself was proving to be useless. My hands became weak, I started feeling confused, I also stopped protesting.
He picked me up with the trumpets and took the tree on the right side from where the car was standing. He lowered me and started kissing me again, I was also given along. He picked up my shirt and started pressing my head without doing bra without raising it. His hard arms were masquerading my soft moms cruelly.
Then she started sucking them, she was munching a nipple in her hand and sucking the other with her mouth.
I was just like crazy.
He suddenly stopped and dragged down my salivary bottom; I was standing and sitting on the knees, how to do my wet pussy on top of the panties.
Ash! Zachariah was coming out of my mouth.
She started licking my panties down and licking my pussy. She was licking my pussy like crazy and was upset with my siddhis. It was such a joy that I was experiencing after years. My shame was all that was finished. I was almost full in front of an unknown man.

He woke up and opened his pants and opened the zipper in my hand. He was 7 inches tall and was quite thick.
She woke up and started fingering my pussy and I was pushing her behind the tree.
He was just a little below the pants

Then Yash stopped me and lifted my salwar and panties. Now what I was wearing above, she had stood upstairs and I was completely naked.
Then he asked me to bow down to the knees and licked my face in front of my mouth. I did not like to suck before, but that day I got mad. I did not take her 1-2 times and she quickly started sucking her and sucking it into her mouth.
I was so stupid in sucking his stomach that I heard a voice - what is this happening?
When I looked back from one side, the other three boys were standing behind.
I was sitting on the knees and I kept hold of the key to success in my hand. I could react something before, even before speaking to one of them - what is the achievement, you are charging a lot of money from Madam?
I got up fast and began to repair the clothes of my stalwart dress.

Then only one of them came to me and said, 'Oh, O my mother, look like this very beautiful.
I was wasting water from shame.
He came to me and caught his zipper off in my hands.
I told him - I am not such a woman.
Then the remaining two boys came forward and said - Yes, just two minutes before the sucking was sucking and then we have seen how you are a woman. Let's do a little fun too
Yash was still silent.
I was thinking like where I got it Escort Lebanon.

Then a boy who caught me in my house; He again forced me to lie in my hand and started to hold back my hand. I figured that all of this will not leave me without killing my pussy today. I was also doing penance in the fire of sex, how long could I endure; I became shameless and started shaking his lunge.

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